If you pay for your entire order with your Paypal account, Paypal can refund your return shipping costs on eligible Paypal purchases for selected countries.

Please ensure you are eligible and have activated Refunded Returns with Paypal. Please note: Paypal Business accounts are not eligible.

Get refunded for your return shipping cost by:
1. Logging in to your Paypal account and activate Refunded Returns.
2. Follow the instructions provided by Paypal and submit a request with proof of return within 30 days via Paypal.

Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions provided by Paypal and follow the submission process as provided on their website. This is processed directly through Paypal and Kotomi Swim is not responsible for return shipping costs.

Australian customers:
Australian Paypal accounts can activate Refunded returns by clicking here and view their general terms of use here.

International customers:
USA Paypal accounts can activate refunded returns by clicking here
Canada Paypal accounts can activate refunded returns by clicking here

For other international customers, a quick Google search of "Paypal refunded returns" will bring you to the applicable page for your country.