Kotomi is an Australian fashion label founded by two best friends from the laid-back city of Darwin, Australia.

After falling in love with the city of Melbourne, Livia and Angie made the big move down south to pursue their passions in business and fashion. Through years of juggling multiple jobs to support their dreams and a relentless love for curating designs that inspire confidence and empowerment; Kotomi was born.

Our designs are tailored to accentuate the female body in all forms, from itty bitty cuts to high-waisted bottoms. We want every girl to feel that surge of confidence and excitement that we have all felt when something fits just right. That's why every Kotomi piece calls for the perfect fit and we wouldn’t settle for anything less.

We appreciate your support and are excited to continue to share our journey and create designs that you are absolutely obsessed with.

Angie & Livia xo